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Ultrasonic Cutting Machine  Ultrasonic Cutting machine in chennai

Sibas Ultrasonic is leading manufacturer & distributor for compact ultrasonic cutting machine.

Ultrasonic Cutting Units are used for

  • Food & Beverage Cutting,
  • Lace Cutting,
  • Taffeta Cutting,
  • Fabric Border Cutting,
  • Label Cutting

Features of Our Ultrasonic Cutting Units:

  • Frequency 20Khz and 35Khz
  • Compact Ultrasonic cutting machine for cutting of fabrics, non-woven materials, foils, Butyl Rubber (Tyre) etc.
  • Ideal for straight and curved cutting.
  • With guiding rail on a cutting table the ideal cutting unit also for larger series.
  • Cost-efficient Ultrasonic Cutting equipment for studios, small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • At best adequate for single cuts as well as for small up to medium series
  • Can be integrated to weaving, winding and other offline applications

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