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Ultrasonic Resonators and Transducers  Ultrasonic transducer in chennai

SONOPUSH® MONO rod-style transducers offer greater power than double-headed transducers at the same length. Plus, the surface which radiates sound is larger. In combination with excellent efficiency of over 95%,this leads to a high sonic yield. The omni-directional sonic distribution creates a homogeneous sound field which guarantees smooth and effective cleaning. SONOPUSH® MONO rod-style transducers are ideal for use in closed and multi- chamber cleaning units and for retrofitting containers and tanks.

Our SONOSUB® HT and SONOPLATE® HT submersible and plate transducers with elements that are not just glued, but have additional screw fastenings. In this way, we increases the Temperature resistance on the SONOPLATE® HT (High Temperature) and SONOSUB® HT. This makes them the ideal tools for high temperature cleaning processes, for example with high- boiling hydrocarbons

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